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Beach Tested: 2023 Beach Chair Reviews

I like to consider myself a certified beach bum. I’m not too particular about my beaching, although I do have preferences. They include non-tropical beaches, East Coast beaches over West Coast beaches so the water is warmer, and a comfy chair so I can get lost in my book.

A few months ago I pulled our beach chairs out of the garage: they were sagging, a little rusty, and, well, I knew it was time to upgrade. My Old Faithful has been Rio Brand’s backpack beach chair for many years. They no longer make this version which sent me down a research rabbit hole.

Amazon Prime Day: Kitchen Upgrades

I love a good sale and Amazon Prime Day makes the hunt for one easy. In this season of my life, I’m updating and upgrading the kitchen items I’ve had for over a decade. My knife block is a Martha Stewart set that I got at Macy’s just after college! Below you’ll find some of the deals I’m taking advantage of today.

Studio McGee x Threshold for Target Finds

Oh man, this collection feels so good! Shea McGee always hits it out of the park but for the first time in a very long time, I feel like my design sensibilities are being matched by what is being mass-produced. Over the past 5-6 years I’ve felt like what I desire for my home couldn’t be attained unless it was picked up at an antique store or thrifted. A little-known secret around here is that I detest almost every shade of the color grey. I like warm, cozy, and practical and this collection speaks to me!

Rory Gilmore’s House Tour

The search for Fairview Cottage was almost a year long. There were many heated family debates about the size of the home and property, the locations, where they would live but in the end Rory and Logan did it their own way. With the support and protection of her mother, Emily’s traditional locked jaw approach to getting her way was softened by the fact that the kids and great-grandchildren would be just an hour away from her home in Hartford.